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Kylie Cosmetics: Koko Kollection

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen! Today I shall be reviewing the oh so lovely Koko Kollection by Kylie Cosmetics!


The Koko Kollection is a collaboration project between Kylie Jenner of Kylie Cosmetics and Khloe Kardashian. This is the first ever collaboration Kylie Cosmetics has ever done and hopefully is the beginning of many more wonderful collabs to come! This was a limited collection and retailed for $40 for 4 lipsticks! Such an amazing prices it was too good to pass up. Not to mention free shipping! Now even though it is limited edition Kylie has teased another release soon to come so keep your eyes open friends!

The Colors

The color names are too cute Khlo$, Okurr, Gorg and Damn Gina. The first three are are matte liquid lipsticks and the last is a gloss. What I really love about this collection is that you get a bunch of different colors that anyone can pull off and that you can wear on a daily basis or on a hot night out!

Color Breakdown

This is such a gorgeous peachy tone nude lipstick. If I am honest I thought this one would be my least favorite. I don't really own any nude lipsticks. I always thought they would look bad on me or wash me out. I was SORELY mistaken my friends. KHLO$ is amazing! It was the first one I decided to try on and I instantly fell in love. This is such a perfect every day color I think it is going to be my new number one! It just goes with everything! Every outfit and eye look I love it!

This color is a super-fab-bright-ass-in-your-face pink! It is one of those lipsticks that you put on and feel on top of the world! You know when you just find that perfect outfit or your eyebrows are on point and you feel so confident? Well put on OKURRR and you can conquer anything! This lipsticks says "Hello world! This is me and I can do anything!" 

This lovely lippie is a super dark crushed berry. This is such a great color for fall. This color, if I may be so bold, is the epitome of the perfect fall lip. It is dark, sultry and all around exactly as it's name suggests, GORG!

This is the one gloss included in the collection. I have never tried any of the glosses from Kylie Cosmetics before and was pleasantly surprised. It is so lovely! It is a light pinky, shimmer nude gloss. I personally think it looks wonderful on its own. It makes your lips look full and luscious It is very sheer so if you want your lips to pop a little more you could fill your lips with lip liner of any color and add this gloss on top and it would be equally as stunning!


Now down to the nitty gritty! I love all these colors and over all the collection is fabulous but I am here to give you my honest review and by god that is what I shall do!

Lets start with the Pros: 

  • The smell is awesome! all the lipsticks have a sweet vanilla smell almost like vanilla icing and I am in love with that! One it dries down the smell goes away.
  • Full pigment! The pigment is amazing and is full coverage, one layer is all you need
  • Stays all day! I wore Khlo$ for about 6 hours, I talked my boyfriend's ear off, ate a sub, drank coffee and sipped on a soda and the color stayed with no transfer.
  • Dries down 100% and is super lightweight on the lips
Now for the dreaded Cons:
  • Slightly drying. Now this might be a more personal con but a con nonetheless. I have very dry lips and if it's a particularly bad lip day this lipstick can make my lips even more dry and it looks pretty noticeable
  •  Can get slightly clumpy on the corners of the mouth 
  • Only use one layer, I find if you add layers it gets too thick and heavy on the lips and creates clumping
  • While all the colors are super pigmented GORG can be a bit streaky and the darker the color it does stain your lips
Now These cons may not be true for everyone and they are just personal cons from my experience so if you don't mind layering and wearing a heavier lip then don't worry about it! Same goes for staining the lips.


Overall I still give this Koko Kollection 5 stars! I think the Pros outweigh the cons in my book and the price can NOT be beat for the quality and name.
  • Amazing price
  • Amazing pigment
  • Packaging is luxurious 
  • Colors are diverse and beautiful

If you are interested in Kylie Cosmetics products you can shop the website HERE 
Don't forget that her website is the ONLY place to get authentic Kylie Cosmetic products. Check back later for an update* on the re-release of the Koko Kollection!

Let me know what you guys think in the comments below! Do you like the colors? Have you tried anything from Kylie Cosmetics before?

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* UPDATE! The Koko Kollection will be restocked tomorrow, Thursday November 17th at 5pm EST! (That's 2pm PST for my West Coast readers! ) Be ready loves, it's sure to sell out quit! 

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