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Jeffree Star Cosmetics: Beauty Killer

Welcome back ladies and gents! On the menu for today is a tasty treat, Jeffree Star Cosmetics deliciousness! I will be giving a review on Jeffree Stars first ever eyeshadow palette: The Beauty Killer Palette 

Jeffree Star Cosmetics: The Beauty Killer Palette

The Beauty Killer palette was released May 25th 2016 and retails for $45.00 and as Jeffree Star has stated on his website and on various social media all his products and vegan and cruelty free! Yay! Now one of the things that really sucked me in was the pan size of each shade and the diverse shade selection! 

There is a color selection for everyone whether you like to stay more neutral or like to try adventurous colors like bright purples, pinks and blue! The shade names from left to right (top row) Star Power, Princess, Violence, Rich Bitch and Courtney, (bottom row) Expensive, Confession, Vanity, China White and Black Rainbow. 

Five of the colors are matte (Star Power, Courtney, Vanity, China White and Black Rainbow) and Four of them have a true shimmer and sparkle (Princess, Violence, Rich Bitch, Expensive and Confession)!

Let's start with talking about the matte colors. Star Power... YOU GUYS! If you love pink this color is for you. It is definitely the MOST pigmented true pink color I have ever had the honor to smear on my face. It is beautiful and I don't think I will ever find a pink shadow that will capture my heart like this baby does. Courtney is the 5th color in the palette and is the most perfect transition color. I use this color practically every day in the crease, I have officially hit the pan a month ago. It's just so buttery and blendable and looks great with most any color especially with all the fall makeup looks upon us. It even looks great on its own all over the lid, a little shimmer in the inner corner, pop some lashes on and you got a subtle but stunning and EASY everyday look to wear to work or school. Vanity is a dark eggplant color, not too purpley but true dark eggplant. Is that a word? Purpley? If not I am making it one! I normally use this color on the outer corner to make a smokey look. I admit I am too afraid to plaster a dark color like this all over my lid but I have seen it done and if you can pull it off kudos to you! China White is such a true white. In the picture above it is hard to see because I myself am whiter than casper the friendly ghost but maybe that in itself is proof enough that this is really the BEST white shadow. I normally put this color all over my lid to help with blending and is another color I have hit the pan on already. Lastly is Black Rainbow, now I consider this color to be matte because it doesn't have a shimmer per say but it does has super cute rainbow sparkles in it but that actual black shadow itself is matte. This is another color I like to put on the outer corner to darken up an eyelook for a night out rockin' a smokey eye. 

Now onto the shimmer shades. Vanity is a very subtle purple shimmer, the purple is subtle the shimmer is WOW. I love this color on the inner corner or in the middle of the lid to make your eyes pop! I use this shade so much and am almost to the pan! Confession is stunning purple shimmer. Purple is number two on my favorite shadow colors so this is a favorite in my book and it is very buildable. Rich Bitch is next and unfortunately this is probably my least favorite color in the palette. I love gold as much as the next girl but everytime I use this color it comes out a bit patchy and doesn't quite give me that Midas touch that I am looking for. I have found that putting a gold cream shadow base and putting Rich Bitch over it with a finger instead of a brush gives me the best results. Expensive is next on the list, this color is a mermaid-esque blue! Shimmery and flattering! I personally have not used this color much but only because I feel like I have trouble pulling off blue shadow but I have seen plenty of instagram babes creating stunning blue looks with this color. Lastly is the shade Confession which is another favorite of mine. It is a wonderful pinky burgundy shade absolutely perfect for fall! In my previous post I reviewed Kylie Jenner's Burgundy Palette and Dubai is very similar to Confession.

This palette is puppy approved!

Over all I give this palette 5 stars! 

  • The whole palette is very versatile and can be used by everyone
  • The colors get a check for extremely buttery, blendable and buildable
  • Vegan friendly and cruelty free, yay!
  • The price doesn't break the bank and the pan sizes are HUGE!
  • Rich Bitch is a teensy bit finicky but still so bold

You can purchase this palette HERE on the Jeffree Star website and check out his reveal video HERE on his YouTube channel and a tutorial video HERE!

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XOXO Marina

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