Monday, November 7, 2016

Kylie Cosmetics: The Burgundy Palette

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Unless you have been living under a rock you have all heard of Kylie Cosmetics. She recently put out an eyeshadow palette called the Burgundy Palette. This is the second eyeshadow palette put out by her brand and I decided I had to have it! Who doesn't love those warm and beautiful burgundy and browns for the fall time. STUNNING! So of course this pretty little number caught my eye.

The Burgundy Palette is sold exclusively on and retails for $42.00 which is a great price for high end makeup. If you walk into Sephora you would be hard pressed to find a high quality eyeshadow palette for such a good price. Now you do have to take into consideration shipping costs. When all was said and done it came out to $50.95 BUT if you are worried about shipping costs Kylie does a fair amount of limited time free shipping over x amount of money promotions. 

This palette consists of 9 highly pigmented shades, 4 shimmer and 5 matte. 

What I love about these shadows is that they are super buttery, buildable and blendable! You can use a fluffy brush in the crease to create a light transition color or a packing brush to really build up that pigment.

Bottom to top: Naked, Beach, Penny, LA, Burgundy, Dubai, Brick, New York and Almond

Naked is such a beautiful shimmer for the inner corner and you can even use some glitter primer/ glue for an extra pop. I love Beach and Penny as a transition color in the crease, using a fluffy blending brush gets that perfect transition effect. Almond is stunning in the outer corner for a smokey eye and super buildable. All of the colors are super soft and over all I am very impressed with the quality!

Now I really don't have anything too shabby to say about this product! For the most part its a hit in my book. I do have to say that I wish there was a mirror built in, I know many others have spoken out about that detail and as a result future palettes will have a mirror. Yay! I know its not a big deal to all but if you're like me you enjoy being able to do some makeup on the go with the built in mirror. Also, because I am a freak I like to hold up my palette mirror to my face suuuper close while I do my eyeshadow for precision. Any other perfectionists out there? Let me hear ya holla!

I give the Burgundy Palette a 4.5 out of 5 stars in my book. 

-0.5 Star for no mirror, for the price you should get a mirror but besides that
- The quality is fabulous.
- The price point does not break the bank.
- The pigment is bomb diggity.
- The fallout is manageable, nothing crazy and better than other palettes I have.
& it gets a check mark in the Three B's (Buttery, Buildable and Blendable)


Let me know your thoughts my beauty babes! How do you feel about Kylie Cosmetics and the Burgundy palette? Did it get a yay in your book too? Let me know in the comments below and don't forget to subscribe to my blog!

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